Meet Laura

Meet Laura. She lives in Arlington with her husband and their two children, both of whom attend Peirce Elementary School. 

She has spent her entire adult life advocating for social justice. First as a public service attorney and executive board member of the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, UAW 2325 (AFL-CIO) in New York, and then as a civic volunteer. 

Laura was elected to Arlington Town Meeting in 2018. She is the secretary of the Peirce School PTO, serves on the Peirce Principal’s Council, and volunteers for the school library. When Arlington Public Schools alerted residents last year about the urgent need for substitute teachers, Laura signed up.  She is a member of the town’s LGBTQIA+ Rainbow Commission, where her work has been solely focused on the schools as a member of the Commission’s Education Working Group. 

In 2021, Laura joined the Civilian Police Advisory Board Study Committee and was elected as the committee’s co-chair in its first meeting. While leading that Committee—which resulted in a recommendation to the town to create a permanent Police Civilian Advisory Commission that was unanimously endorsed by the Select Board and approved by 92 percent of Town Meeting members—Laura worked with multiple stakeholder groups throughout town, including residents from all walks of life, elected officials, union leaders, and town employees at every level from rank and file to executive leadership.  

That experience taught Laura how important it is for the town to have volunteer leaders who understand how the systems of town government work in practice and also understand what levers need to be pulled to improve those systems for the people who work within them and the residents they serve.  

Laura will bring all of that experience to the School Committee. Even more important, she will bring her passion for education. When elected officials support policies that make it easier for every child and adolescent to access education, they change lives.  

Please consider voting for Laura for School Committee in person on Saturday, April 1 or via mail-in ballot. To learn more about voting by mail, please click here.


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